OMD FWD w/c Feb 27th

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of OMD FWD. It’s a week full of blasts from the mobile past, with Nokia launching their modern spin on the classic 3310 model. They struggled in the past to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung; however, their brand value has climbed by almost two thirds to reach $4.9bn on the back of the newfound revival. It seems they are not alone as BlackBerry follow in their footsteps with KeyOne. Both companies are present at this year’s Mobile World Congress hoping to reignite those good nostalgic feelings.

Elsewhere, research shows a third of Brits reach for their smartphone within the first five minutes of waking. More alarmingly, one in three wake up to check their phone in the middle of the night. Now brands such as GE and Apple are using technology to combat technology overload, known as ‘digital detox’. Until next week, when we’ll be covering the highlights of this year’s Mobile World Congress.





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