OMD FWD w/c 9th October

Hello and welcome to your weekly OMD FWD! Have you ever thought about watching a TV trailer and creating your own narrative? Director Steven Soderberg has created an iOS app with multiple scenes to determine your own storyline, leading up to the show’s launch.

Elsewhere, Harvard Business has looked into how future sales will be impacted as Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly more sophisticated. If you take Amazon as an example, consumers currently purchase around one in twenty recommended items. However as this improves over time with more data, shopping behaviours and future business models will alter. Are businesses equipped for this change in strategy?

In contrast, Silicon Valley leaders are disconnecting themselves from their smartphones with a growing fear that so-called ‘continuous partial attention’ could lead to a lower IQ. Fear not, if this is the response from tech geniuses who got us hooked in the first place, we’re sure they will save us over time!





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