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Facebook is in the spotlight this week, as their growth outstrips several large media players. Last year, Facebook UK took home more money than the country’s biggest commercial broadcasters, Channel 4. Following Google and Microsoft, they are now offering a solution to browsers that block third-party cookies by offering a first-party cookie option. This may be a sign of things to come as they have also announced a new revenue stream in the form of an introduction of ads to Whatsapp next year.

If you feel like you might need yet another piece of tech in your home, perhaps you’ll consider The Portal. It uses Facebook Messenger, a smart display, mics and cameras to connect your world to another by making it ‘feel as if you’re hanging out in the same room with family and friends who happen to be thousands of miles away.’ With questions around privacy, data protection and security resurfacing again, will it cause a stir or simply simmer out?


  • It was a bad week for Unilad as it was announced the company has gone into administration amidst growing debts
  • Facebook’s revenue increased by 50% last year, surpassing Channel 4’s ad sales.  Facebook announced ads will appear on Whatsapp next year and brought out a new first party cookie
  • Instagram launches name tags – emulating Snap codes, whilst plans are afoot for their location data to be integrated into Facebook


  • Everything you need to know about the world of augmented reality in 2018
  • A look at the winning brands from Amazon’s Prime Day and how the event has shaped purchasing behaviour
  • Google’s AI company Deep Mind partners with a Japanese hospital to further progress cancer detection algorithms


  • A luxury furniture brand uses AI to virtually showcase its products to consumers
  • Use a QR code on London undergrounds to access vending washing machines
  • Facebook launches its new video chat device Portal


  • Publishers reveal an increase in 2nd party data deals following GDPR
  • Learn about Stripe, the economic infrastructure powering the likes of Amazon and Facebook

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