OMD FWD w/c 8th January

Hello and welcome to the first FWD of 2018!

As we say goodbye to 2017, we look at who ended the year on a high:

  • AirBnB was the hottest ticket in town as 3 million people partied the night away in AirBnBs on New Year’s Eve (compared to just 1,400 eight years ago).
  • WhatsApp set a new messaging record with 75 billion messages sent globally using the service on New Year’s Eve.
  • Spotify started the new year with 70 million paying subscribers, as it files to become a public company.

However, it is also time to look forward to the year ahead as we hear predictions from experts from the ecommerce world, The BBC and The Guardian on what will be the biggest tech and media trends in 2018…


  • Spotify gains 10 million new paid members every 6 months and files to go public on the New York Stock Exchange
  • On New Year Eve, three million people partied the night away in Airbnbs, compared to just 1,400 eight years ago and many of them were WhatsApping – a massive 75 billion messages globally were sent using the service
  • Instagram is letting a select few users post directly to WhatsApp




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