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”Alexa, whose market value surpassed Microsoft’s for the first time on Wednesday?” She’d be happy to tell you that Amazon is now the world’s third most valuable company. There’s no prizes for coming third however, with Apple and Alphabet still leading the charge as it becomes apparent that all of the world’s six richest companies are in the technology sector.

Don’t take it completely on face-value though – Google Home sales have catapulted 483% to beat the Amazon Echo in the smart speaker stakes. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on the fastest-growing consumer technology market in the world. Finally, don’t look to Facebook for your trending topics anymore, they’re getting rid of the feature. Time to call your little cousin for the lowdown instead.


  • Amazon has surpassed Microsoft for the first time as the third most-valuable brand
  • Google announces it’s selling audio ads programmatically and launches a hyper-local app called Neighbourly, whilst sales of Google Home have overtaken Amazon Echo
  • Facebook plans to cull its ‘trending’ feature, as Pinterest dials up its video offering with the release of a new promoted video format that takes up the width of the screen


  • Brands need to think about Stories, as they grow 15 times faster than feed sharing
  • Following Facebook’s algorithm change, mobile direct to site traffic has surpassed Facebook referrals
  • Recent changes in weather have a substantial impact on search behaviour which clothing retailers should take note of


  • WWF skilfully deployed Snap Maps to warn millennials of the impact global warming has on the Arctic
  • Smirnoff and Lad Bible team up to celebrate diversity amongst London’s nightlife workers
  • Universal brings dinosaurs back to life with a Jurassic World Alive AR mobile game and partnership with Amazon’s Treasure Truck


  • Here are the salient points from the mighty Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report
  • A look at how machine learning will impact comms in 2018
  • Changes Apple, Facebook and Google have made to comply with GDPR

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