OMD FWD w/c 28th August

Hello and welcome to this week’s OMD FWD! Despite it being officially summer you can’t blame us for saying “Winter is coming”…as this week Facebook rolled out a special Game of Thrones photo filter for the season finale (don’t panic no spoilers included!).

Facebook has also been making some changes to the platform, moving towards TV-like content after seeing higher engagement from serialised publisher content, blocking advertising on pages that share fake news and withdrawing some of the less business-focused ad formats. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to rise in the ranks of the online giants, expanding its programmatic offering and moving into the FinTech space. However, Walmart and Google are partnering to challenge Amazon’s ascent by taking on Alexa in the voice-shopping market. It also appears that Alexa may face some other intruders in the future…kids!

Do you think you have an idea that could turn you into a tech titan? Perhaps involving smart homes or self-driving cars? Take a look at Uber’s first pitch to get some ideas on how to do it!





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