OMD FWD w/c 19th June

Welcome to the latest sweltering edition of OMD FWD. On the sunniest week of the year so far we have some of the hottest stories for you from the last seven days. From sector changing takeovers in retail, as Amazon buys Whole Foods, to yet another technology ‘blast from the past’ from Video Game manufacturer Atari.

Tackling negative online behaviour has also been a hot topic this week. Google has been at the forefront of this endeavor putting forward their pledge to curb Online terrorism. Promising to use all their technology and expertise to counter extremism and hate-speech on their platforms.
At the other end of the spectrum the ever forward thinking Google are also starting to target the next generation of internet users to promote smarter, kinder and more positive internet use. On their bespoke platform ‘Interland’ (crafted by online safety experts and YouTube creators) children must vanquish a rogues gallery of villains including hackers, phishers and trolls, teaching them good internet habits along the way.

With weather as nice as this, there is nothing better than staying indoors and playing video-games. Well this is what Microsoft and Atari are hoping in any case.  After a 20 year hiatus Atari has announced a new console to tempt the retro-gamers, while Microsoft has launched their own online streaming platform to take on their competitor, Twitch.
Only time will tell if these products will sink or swim – however if the worst did happen they will always have a place for them in Sweden’s new ‘Museum of Failure’, celebrating the best ‘product flops’ from history.



  • Snaplications – a novel way of recruiting Gen Z for McDonald’s
  • But wait, Land Rover and Gorillaz think ‘a mixed reality app’ is the best way to find future recruits
  • Or Just get them early! Introducing ‘Interland’ – Google invites children to be up-skilled on all things digital




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