OMD FWD w/c 13th August

Hello and welcome to your weekly FWD.

The era of handheld entertainment, communication, connection and everything in-between continues to grow. Whilst devices are pushing out traditional paper-based methods (the last physical Yellow Pages was delivered in London last week) the app industry is going from strength to strength. Fornite has just launched on Android for Samsung phones, whilst Facebook is building its own AR games to use over Messenger video chat.

As more and more attention turns to fake news and what falls between the lines of free speech and defamation, this week Twitter grapples with defining ‘dehumanising speech’ and what this means for the deletion of such tweets and accounts. InfoWars weighs in on the debate with more than a dozen of their tweets being red-flagged for violating Twitter’s rules. 280 characters can hold more than we thought – short but rarely sweet.





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