OMD FWD w/c Jan 23rd

Hello and welcome to your inauguration of another weekly dose of FWD. We’ve seen YouTube launch their own in-app private messaging feature and video feed functionality to keep traffic on their platform. It’s currently only available in Canada as that’s where it was tested due to the popularity of YouTube video sharing, but if you are invited to join a conversation by a Canadian you could experience the platform sooner than you thought! If this develops in the same way Facebook did from their personal messaging, this could be the start of something big!

In more news about platform developments, Snapchat have signed a partnership deal with Oracle data Cloud for offline purchases which should allow more intelligent marketing to drive better campaigns. This is initially been tested by Honda, STX Entertainment, Kia and The Honest Company. Snapchat advertisers are about to find out if offline data can drive better campaigns on the app. Definitely something to consider when planning campaigns later this year!





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