The 2019 DMEXCO expo and conference coincides with the pivotal journey of our clients taking more ownership of their ad tech and data echo system. One of our main objectives in DMEXCO will be to explore cutting edge solutions that will amplify our proprietary agency platforms and ultimately help our clients to accelerate their digital goals.

We predict that the big players will come out in full force to showcase their big data solutions in a post-GDPR and data privacy era. We’ve seen the big tech players (Facebook, Google and Apple) enforce heavy restrictions on cookies, 3rd party data, and individual user logs. We have also started to see a gradual reintroduction of solutions that previously benefited from these now restricted components, such as multi-touch attribution; re-emerge as GDPR friendly cleanroom solutions, such as Google Ads Data Hub and Amazon Marketing Cloud. We expect company delegates on the expo floor, as well as conference speakers, to give clarity on how they will adapt their support for a cookie-less world. We also predict that platform integration will be a big talking point, especially with data management platforms (DMP) and demand-side platforms (DSP) answering to how they will overcome the big players extending their walled gardens, resulting in making addressable data match rates more difficult to achieve.

Stay tuned to hear more from OMD EMEA throughout DMEXCO and look out for our post-event recap next week.

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